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Tank Test

Results are what operators care most about. Being able to rely on truly professional testers delivers incredible peace of mind to customers. That goal has been the cornerstone to ELI's sterling reputation and consistent customers. So, how do we deliver on that "peace of mind" guarantee?

         :: Some of the tools:

Petro Tite ® line testing:

Consistently shown to be THE leader in accuracy with its ability to include leak detector function checks.

Corrosion (Cathodic) Protection:

ELI's network of corrosion protection services includes inspection, design, engineering, installation and repair. We employ the industry's top-level engineers, technicians and field personnel -all of whom hold proper NACE certifications. Because record keeping is critical, we provide all necessary state-required documents.

Tank Testing:

Build your profits with less time at the site. Detection of air intrusion can be done in less than 3 minutes.

The EZY 3 Location Plus is an acoustically-based system. All volumetric and mass measurement technology must deal with a variety of variables that do not affect our non-volumetric acoustical system. It was designed specifically for the harsh environment it must be operate in. No ultrasonic or pyrex probes to break on the jobsite.

Tank down time is less than 30 minutes. No other system manufacturer can make this claim and back it up with their third-party evaluation.

Tanks can be tested at virtually any liquid level, allowing tanks to be tested without product.

A low-test pressure of -0.5 psig is placed on tank bottom.

Tests can be done up to 30,000 gallon capacity.

One test - not multiple tests - determines the tank system's integrity.

Several tanks can be tested simultaneously.

Helium Testing:

Sophisticated method for leak location on tank tops where majority of leaks occur in UST’s and underground piping. Method consists of helium pressure and helium gas detection.

Integrity Testing:
Steel Tank Institute SP001 certification www.steeltank.com

Above ground storage tanks have recently been scrutinized for environmental safety and compliance. The steel tank institute's standard, SP001, provides for compliance of storage tank and system components. Ultrasonic thickness measurement conducted as necessary. ELI's certified inspectors and timely reporting provide assurance of satisfaction.

Fuel Management:

- Sample Analysis- additive prescription,

- ILFC distributor www.ILFCinc.com

- Fuel quality control

- Fuels sampling

- Fuel additives,

- Microbial control

- Fuel reformulation

- Alternative Fuels Blenders Credit

- Tank cleaning and water removal

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